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Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Yves Klein, Michelangelo David and The matter of Time from Richard serra


Yves Klein

Yves Klein is a French artist born in Nice in 1928 and died in Paris on June 6, 1962. With a relatively short artistic career (1954-1962), he is considered one of the most important protagonists of the pictorial avant-garde of the post-war period. He is known for his blue (IKB for International Klein Blue), which he has applied to many works.

Yves Klein

Yves Klein “La piscine” (the pool)

Yves Klein "La piscine"

Yves Klein “Leap into the void”

Yves Klein: Leap into the void

Yves Klein “Monotone Silence Symphony”

Michelangelo’s “David”

The David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture, realized by Michelangelo between 1501 and 1504. It is 4.34 meters high (5.14 meters with the base) and is drawn from a block of white Carrara marble, left to the abandon after the failure of other sculptors. Michelangelo took advantage of the narrowness of the block of marble and bypassed one of his defects (a breach in which he dug the space between the right arm and the torso). Michelangelo depicted David, a sling (leather thong used as a rock lance) in his hand, just before his fight against the giant Goliath.

MichelAngelo's "David"

Richard Serra “The Matter of Time”

The Matter of Time, 1994-2005, allows the viewer to follow the evolution of the sculpted forms of the artist, from the relative simplicity of a double ellipse to the complexity of a spiral.

Crédit : guggenheim.org

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