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Origin Guide – Dan Brown's Origin Guide




Origin Guide

An illustrated guide to Dan Brown's Origin novel


Origin Guide: Illustrated guide of Dan Brown's Origin Novel

After Dan Brown’s Inferno guide, discover Origin illustrated guide. Origin Guide: Follow the adventures of Robert Langdon through the places, the technological concepts, the works and religious organizations he meets throughout the chapters.

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Origin: Robert Langdon’s adventures n°5

Dan Brown Origin

Summary of Dan Brown’s new Thriller

Edmond Kirsch, a forty-year-old billionaire, a futurist worldwide known for his audacious predictions and inventions, is ready to reveal to the world a revolutionary scientific discovery.

An irrefutable proof that would provide an answer to the two fundamental questions about the origin and the future of mankind.

It is in Bilbao, Spain, at the famous Guggenheim Museum that he invites for a historic ceremony, the greatest celebrities of the moment including the inescapable Robert Langdon. The latter knows Edmond Kirsch well, having been in the past his professor in symbology and religious iconography at Harvard.

But the evening, mixing technological prowess and artistic discoveries, until then perfectly orchestrated, will take an unexpected turn and turn into a nightmare. While the hundred guests leave the museum prematurely, Robert Langdon in danger, is forced to fly to Barcelona.
Accompanied by Ambra Vidal, the director of the museum who has prepared with Kirsch this unusual evening, he will embark on a complex and perilous quest. Their objective, to find the password in order to reveal to the world the discovery of Kirsch.

Plunging into the heart of the History of Religions, Robert Langdon and Ambra Vidal will have to escape a powerful enemy ready to do anything to prevent the revelation of a millennial secret.

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This guide was made in Lyon, France by two great fans of the novels of Dan Brown.
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